The 5 Best Kayak Anchor Trolleys – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Kayaks are more versatile, lighter, and faster than ever before and people are using these small boats for different adventures. Whether you use your kayak for weekend trips with friends or fishing, a good anchor trolley kit is a must-have.

All anchoring positions are made up of three components: a boat, anchor, and anchor line. Acting as an extension of anchor line, an anchor trolley system lets you get the anchor line shuttled to the stern or bow of your kayak.

This way your boat will always be in line with tide movements as well as the current swell and wind conditions, which prevents it from tipping over.

The anchor trolley you choose for your kayak is up to your personal preference. To narrow down your choices, you have put together the list of the best kayak anchor trolley systems in 2018. Dive in!

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5 Best Kayak Anchor Trolleys 2020


Product Name

Rope Length (feet)

Pulleys Material


Yak Gear Deluxe Anchor Trolley



H2O Kayak Canoe Anchor Trolley



Hobie Anchor Trolley



YakAttack Kayak LeverLock Deluxe Anchor Trolley



OceanMotion Kayak Anchor Trolley



1. Yak Gear Deluxe Anchor Trolley Kit

With the Deluxe Anchor Trolley from Yak-Gear, you will get the optimal anchored position regardless of the adrift and prevailing tide. It enables you to stay in a certain fishing position for an extended period of time and have a smoother kayaking experience.

There’s also a small zigzag tie-off cleat for the most stable positioning. The Yak-Gear Deluxe trolley employs a plastic pulley system that allows you to choose any position from stern to bow. Once you’ve selected a desirable position, the anchor trolley will maintain it by means of a zigzag cleat. The pulleys are elevated in order to protect your boat from scratching or rubbing.

Note that this anchor trolley kit comes with installation hardware and instructions. You will also get 30 feet of rope and some useful rigging tips.


  • Easy to install
  • Holds tight
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Smooth operation
  • All necessary hardware included


  • Nylon pulley may disintegrate
  • Missing parts

2. H2O Kayak Canoe Anchor Trolley Kit

By positioning your anchor, drifting chute, and staking out the pole anywhere from stern to bow, the H2O anchor trolley ensures that your kayak is adjusted according to the wind and/or current.

The anchor trolley kit from H2O Kayaks involves a pulley system made of stainless steel along with zigzag cleat so that you’ll be able to get your kayak angled in different directions. That means you will always be in a good position when catching your fish.

Here’s what is included in the kit: trolley line, zigzag cleat, round rigging ring, snap hooks, nylon pad eyes, and pulley system with plastic sleeve. Plus, you’ll get the mounting hardware that includes tri-fold rivets, lock nuts, and screws.


  • Smooth pulleys
  • Super handy
  • Installation is quite easy
  • Works great
  • Good materials


  • Rivets may fail to snap
  • Pullies seem a little flimsy

3. Hobie Anchor Trolley Universal Kit

Why many kayakers love the Hobie anchor trolley? That’s because this universal kit allows you to keep your position in moving water or wind while deploying a  drift chute or anchor. Whether you are dropping a line or taking a break, you can quickly with this trolley and achieve an ideal position on the water.

The trolley system can be installed either side of the kayak. Once you get it installed, it will hold your position all the time. The trolley actually lets you choose where to deploy your anchor line — on the stern, bow or in the middle of the kayak. So any stress caused by the anchor will be placed wherever you decide to mount this trolley on your kayak.

It’s designed to fit most kayaks except inflatable ones. Keep in mind that you may not use some hardware. That depends on the particular kayak type you have.


  • Weatherproof fly buckles
  • Well built
  • Fits most kayaks
  • Slides smoothly
  • Easy installation


  • H-rail rod holders interfere with the eyelets
  • Not suited for inflatable boats

4. YakAttack Kayak LeverLock Deluxe Anchor Trolley

Let’s see what this anchor trolley system by YakAttack has to offer. One of the best things about this kit is the LeverLoc line clamp whereby you can easily keep the line of your trolley in place. For this purpose, the trolley uses the special PadHook design. As its name suggests, it combines a hook and a pad eye to keep the trolley line in place.

When you don’t use this easy-knot system, the trolley ring will snap into the aforementioned line clamp and thus get secured till deployment. It’s designed in such a way to allow for deployment of just about any anchor, stake, or drift chute.

Besides, this amazing kit includes 35 feet of paracord with a tracer, pulleys for smooth operation, extra PadHooks, as well as backing plates for both the LeverLoc and pulleys.


  • LeverLoc line clamp
  • PadHook design
  • Plenty of rope
  • Excellent workmanship
  • Great locking function


  • Cheap plastic pulleys
  • Directions are somewhat vague

5. OceanMotion Kayak Anchor Trolley Kit

Regardless of the type of water, wind direction, and current, this trolley will create an alterable anchor point and keep your vessel in a perfect fishing position all the while. It can double as a dock rope as needed. All you need to do is remove the trolley line from the ring. That feature comes in handy when you need to tie off


  • Doubles up as a dock rope
  • Paracord with a reflective tracer
  • Seaworthy materials
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • Seamless look


  • No screw inserts included
  • Vague instructions

Things You Must Know Before Buying a Kayak Anchor Trolley

Here are a few essential things you should take into account before buying an anchor trolley:


The best trolley is the one that is compatible with a lot of fishing kayaks and anchors. Since the anchor trolley systems aren’t limited to just one kind of anchoring, anglers who often make trip adjustments prefer using them on their kayaks or canoes. So make sure a trolley you’re looking for fits with your vessel and anchor as well.

Anchor Tie-off Cleat

Pay close attention to the tie-off cleat. Despite being small in size, this tiny zigzag attachment plays an important role in installing a trolley system and maintaining the fishing position. You can install it on either side (left or right) of the kayak according to your needs. However, make sure to have multiple cleats installed all over your boat to get the full versatility.

Pulley System

As stated above, the pulley system lets you switch from stern to bow without having to get out of your kayak. Of course, stainless steel and metal pulleys have an advantage over the plastic ones. However, the nylon or plastic pulleys should not be discarded by default as they can also be very durable.

Rope (Paracord)

Most kayak anchor trolley systems include 25-35 feet of rope. Apart from the rope length, you should also take note of the materials used. Also, check out if the paracord comes with a tracer. It’s very useful in dark conditions.


In a nutshell, you need to put the anchor line through a rigging ring in order to shift your anchor to the desired position. Therefore, the trolley system should be simple and easy to install with help of instructions and basic DIY skills.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line is that if you’re owning a kayak and want to get the most out of kayak fishing, having the best anchor trolley system is highly important. Aside from helping you find that ideal fishing place to cast out, that system makes your anchor more adjustable and gives you a full control over your boat.

As always, be sure to read out our product reviews and considerations before you go shopping so as not to end up purchasing something waste. An anchor trolley system must create a flexible attachment point and perfectly suit your kayak. That way you’ll moor your kayak safely and enjoy kayaking to your heart’s content.






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