The 11 Best Kayak Seats 2019 – Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

You’ve found the perfect kayak. This amazing recreational boat has every feature and accessory you want or need. You’ve put a lot of thought into buying a kayak, but it’s missing one thing; a comfortable seat.

Having the best kayak seat possible is another important feature for turning this sport into a fun adventure. No matter how fantastic a kayak is, an uncomfortable seat can turn your relaxing float into an unpleasant trip.

A high-quality seat with soft comfort and great lumbar support make the difference between enjoyment and leaving the kayak at home. Our best kayak seat review shows you different options for the greatest kayak experience.

11 Top-Rated Kayak Seats

Image Product Name Weight Composition Material Price
Surf to Summit GTS Expedition Kayak Seat 2.7 Pounds Thermoformed Foam/Plastic/Fabric Check Current Price

Kayak Angler Seat Malibu Spider Kayaks

4.3 Pounds Moisture Wick Check Current Price
Manta Ray Kayak Seat 2.9 Pounds Nylon and EVA Foam Check Current Price
Kerco Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat 3.2 Pounds Nylon and Molded Foam Check Current Price
Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak Seat 3 Pounds Nylon and Molded Foam Check Current Price
Redneck Convent Deluxe SOT Kayak Seat 4.7 Pounds Nylon and Molded Foam Check Current Price
Surf to Summit Outfitter SOT Kayak Seat 2.8 Pounds Thermoformed Foam/Plastic/Fabric Check Current Price
Skwoosh Big Catch Fishing SOT Kayak Seat for Anglers 3.7 Pounds Nylon, Polyester, and Gel Check Current Price
Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Back Seat 2 Pounds UV Resistant Nylon Pack Cloth Check Current Price
Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seat 1.9  Pounds UV Resistant Nylon Pack Cloth Check Current Price

Pactrade Marine Padded Deluxe SOT Kayak Seat

2.8 Pounds Neoprene, 600D Polyester, EVA Foam Check Current Price

Each kayaker has different requirements for the kayak seat that’s best for them. Whether your priority is price, comfort or both, our guide can help you find the right kayak seat. Kayak seat replacements range from low-cost options for upgrading your factory seat to higher cost premium options.

If you have a small budget, height considerations or back problems, we have an option for you. Our comprehensive best kayak seat reviews cover everything you need for an informed decision.

Get started with finding your perfect seat with our top 12 list of the best kayak seat.

11 Best Kayak Seats in 2019

1. Surf to Summit GTS Expedition Kayak Seat

If you’re looking for all day comfort, check out the GTS Expedition high back kayak seat. A 2-inch seat and 18-inch backrest give comfort regardless how long you paddle.

If you have back problems, even more reason the GTS Expedition leads the way in comfort. Designed with spinal support in mind, the Expedition gives lumbar stability with its wrap around style.

The thermoformed construction has amazing spine-hugging comfort with the right mix of hard support and softness. A rear six-point attachment system keeps this sit-on-top kayak seat from moving around while kayaking. Unlike other kayak models, the Expedition has a rear strap triangulated system for customizing the seat support.

Add to the amazing support a 2-inch thick seat bottom with water drainage channels, and you get a great ride. As a bonus, the Expedition features an attached mesh pouch for securing extra gear.

With the trademarked, thermoformed blend of plastic, foam, and fabric you get a durable yet comfortable seat. The proprietary process comprises layered plastic, foam, and fabric compression molded at 60 tons of pressure at 400 °F.

The soft and hard combination delivers a long lasting, high-quality seat with comfortable support for all day paddling. If you want a high-level kayak seat, the Expedition has you covered.


  • Tall 18-inch backrest.
  • Wrap around backrest hugs spine giving lumbar stability.
  • Two-inch thick seat pad.
  • Keeps excess water off with built in drainage channels in seat pad.
  • Trademarked fabric blend and proprietary process for durability and comfort.
  • Rear 6-point attachment system for preventing seat slippage problems.
  • Attached mesh pouch for secure extra gear storage.


  • Need to add eyelets to the six-point attachment system for extra support.
  • Casual paddlers report this seat is too firm and uncomfortable for leisurely trips.

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2. Kayak Angler Seat Malibu Spider Kayaks

The multi-functioning Spider Angler is a mix of the top features of all the Malibu seats before it.

A high back seat with thick padding makes this the most comfortable kayak seat.

The Malibu Spider has a long list of added features like inbuilt holders for a fishing rod, a bottle or cup holder, and safety reflectors. If you need room for extra gear, the Spider has tool holders and D-rings attach your gear. This fishing kayak seat adds enjoyment to each fishing trip.


  • Thick padded high back.
  • The kayak seat gives hours of comfort.
  • Includes gear bag in the rear for storing small gear.
  • Made with anglers in mind.
  • Includes built-in fishing rod and tool holders.


  • Difficult to install.
  • High priced.

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3. YakGear Manta Ray Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat

The 19-inch tall backrest and 15-inch wide seat Manta Ray gives a comfortable ride to even big and tall people. The tall backrest and padded seat adjust to user preference, for better and longer lasting support.

A 1 ½ inch thick bottom made of EVA foam adds continued comfort for long periods of kayaking. Built in seat water gutters help drain the water away to keep you from sitting in an uncomfortable water puddle. With the non-skid seat bottom, the Manta Ray stays in place even in the roughest waters.

Designed with D-ring placements and brass buckles the Manta Ray has seat compatibility with most sit-on-top kayaks and canoes. An optional YakGear 5-piece pad eye kit lets you adapt this seat for use on a sit inside kayak. This kit comes at an extra cost.

The two back mounted D-rings let you easily connect different accessories and gear to the seat.


  • Built in D-rings on the seat for attaching accessories and extra gear.
  • The 19-inch tall back and the 15-inch wide seat fit larger paddlers.
  • The 1 ½ inch seat pad adds more cushion for comfortable paddling.
  • Built in seat gutters for draining water away.
  • Good back support keeps the paddler upright.
  • Comfortable ride for longer kayak trips.
  • Fits canoes or sit-on-top kayaks.
  • Adaptable to sit in kayaks with a separate 5-piece pad eye kit.


  • Low on features for the price of the seat.
  • Seats might move around.

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4. Kerco Explorer Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat

At 22-inches tall by 15-inches wide, this nylon and molded foam SOT kayak seat offers good comfort for a great price. A water repellent nylon shell keeps the paddler dry with its easy clean surface.

The one-inch cushion bottom helps circulate air, and the 22-inch back is perfect for people of all sizes. Molded foam construction stays firm and conforms to your body contour without feeling hard. Four straps with marine grade brass clips help keep the seat secure. These extra comfort features help lessen back strain for long paddling trips.

An added backpack to store extra gear and accessories comes with the Kerco Explorer.


  • Includes four straps with marine grade brass clips.
  • Durable nylon and molded foam construction.
  • Repels water.
  • Longer length helps lessen back strain.
  • Extra detachable zippered backpack for added storage.


  • The seat can shift positions and may throw off your balance.
  • The 1-inch thick seat may take time getting used to before getting a comfortable ride.

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5. Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak Seat

Leader Accessories has thirty years of delivering outstanding sporting, camping, and water recreational products. With offering everything from awnings and covers to wetsuits, Leader has the experience for delivering quality kayak accessories and supplies.

The Leader Accessories Deluxe Kayak Seat is no exception when it comes to quality. Whether you’re an angler, diver, or sporting kayaker, the Deluxe is a top-notch SOT kayak seat.

This durable, high-quality kayak seat gives you hours of comfortable outdoor sporting. The Leader high back kayak seat gives you firm support for going long distances in comfort. Resistant to cracking and fading, this seat can travel with you for years.

The Deluxe seat adds balance while two front and two back straps adjust for the paddler’s comfort. With the seats ability to keep its weight balance you get minimized slipping. Added Add seat and back rest support with webbing adjustability make longer trips easier.

The firm support gives added comfort and the long lasting, fade resistant durability, makes the Deluxe a great buy.


  • Durable molded foam composition.
  • Different adjustability ranges with two back and two front straps.
  • Adjustable webbing.
  • Added support in high back and seat bottom.
  • Added support gives comfort for longer rides.
  • Affordable price.


  • Users report this seat is not comfortable like other high back seats.

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6. Redneck Convent Deluxe SOT Kayak Seat

The Redneck Convent Deluxe comfortably takes you for a strenuous sporting workout or a leisurely nature ride. Giving you hours of comfort, this 18-inch tall by 20-inch wide foam molded seat supports and cushions your body.

With the high back and a 2-inch foam seat, you get great support for all-day fishing or paddling. The design of the Redneck Convent Deluxe fits the contour of your body, adding to its extreme comfort. For the kayaker with a bad back, the Deluxe cradles you in support.

The tall back of the Deluxe keeps you upright for improved paddling technique and less strain. No more limiting your kayaking time because you’re too tired to keep going.

The nylon and molded foam construction has UV-protection for resistance to fading and cracking for years of enjoyment. Four adjustable straps in the rear and front, secure with marine grade brass connectors for added stability.

A wax coating covers the Deluxe kayak seat making it water proof and quick drying. No more letting the seat set for days before drying out.

If you enjoy long water excursions, the Redneck Convent Deluxe SOT Kayak Seat gives you hours of comfortable paddling.


  • Enhanced comfort added to seat and back.
  • A soft and flexible seat for long paddling trips.
  • Molded foam back for added support.
  • Durable and rip and tear resistant nylon and molded foam.
  • Four adjustable straps to fit any sit-on-top kayak.
  • Easier attaching to get you kayaking faster.
  • Wax coated seat for repelling water.
  • Comes with choice of two pack styles.


  • Users report this seat is too hard and not comfortable.

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7. Surf to Summit Outfitter SOT Kayak Seat

The Outfitter SOT Kayak Seat is one of the first in the Surf to Summit kayak seat lineup.

Outfitter has a more basic design than the GTS Expedition seat, but the same compression molded support material. Like the GTS, the Outfitter has the same durability and balanced back support.

Made of compression molded plastic, fabric, and foam, the Outfitter gives you high-quality durability for long lasting performance. The simple and basic design offers comfort with an adjustable attachment system.


  • Durable and long lasting.
  • Proprietary construction with 60-ton pressure molding at 400° Fahrenheit.
  • High-quality comfort.
  • Customize comfort with adjustable attachments.
  • Competitive budget pricing.


  • Customers find the design too simple.

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8. Skwoosh Big Catch Fishing SOT Kayak Seat for Anglers

The Swoosh Big Catch kayak seat has an innovative design offering durable comfort and support. Waterproof nylon and 20-inch tall, contoured back are the first in a list of great features.

The padded backrest comes with adjustable side wings for added back support while contouring to your body shape.

Reinforced fiberglass battens add extra support, strength, and stability to the low-profile kayak seat. Lumbar adjustable support adds extra comfort to the high back for longer fishing comfort.

A fluid gel, TekPad cushion with Air-Flo3D cloth adds ventilation, keeping the seat firm yet cool and comfortable. The firmness of the Big Catch seat ensures individual customization while easing painful pressure points.

Included are removable bungee net storage, two detachable fishing rod holders with tie downs, 3 Plano tackle boxes, and 2 D-rings. The removable extra storage and fishing rod holders make the Big Catch action ready for the ultimate kayak fishing experience.

Four adjustable positioning straps make the Big Catch adaptable with different kayak boat sizes and styles.

Heavy-duty construction means this SOT kayak seat is solid, durable, corrosion resistant, and maintenance free. All Swoosh kayak products are USA made and carry a workmanship and performance guarantee.


  • Cool and breathable Air-Flo3D fabric.
  • TekPad® Fluidized Gel for relieving pressure points.
  • Tall 20-inch padded back rest.
  • Adjustable back rest side wings for extra support.
  • Adjustable full-width lumbar support.
  • Better performance and stability with the low-profile design.
  • Removable fishing pack including two rod holders and handles.
  • Two D-rings connect extra gear.
  • Three Plano tackle boxes.


  • A heavier seat weighing in at 4-pounds.
  • Complaints of the seating being too bulky.
  • Seat slides forward, causing the backrest to lean back.
  • Included rod holders are cheap.

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9. Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Kayak Seat

The Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech beats out the Comfort Plus, with its increased padding and back support and added ventilation.

Extra padding in the seat helps buffer the shock in rough waters for a more comfortable ride. The taller seat back has added support for longer kayaking trips.

The adjustable Comfort Tech seat comes with built-in ventilations for efficient air circulation, and adjustable mounting straps customize your comfort.

Brass buckle attachments swivel for better seat back adjustments, and the UV-resistant nylon material gives long lasting comfort. Extra security in low-light environments comes from the reflective logo on the seat back.


  • Built-in ventilation.
  • Reinforced backrest stays for extra back support.
  • Back supports in the side panel.
  • Extra backrest cushioning.
  • Oversized backrest, 25-inches high by 16-inches wide, add extra back support.
  • Brass attachment buckles that swivel.
  • Four-way adjustable straps for a variety of adjustments.
  • Seat adjusts for all Ocean Kayak sit-on-top kayaks.
  • Reflective logo for added safety.
  • Durable nylon pack material.
  • UV-resistant to avoid cracking and peeling.


  • People find the seat padding too firm for long water excursions.
  • Seat does not fit most sit-in kayaks.
  • Thin seat padding compared with high-end kayak seat models.

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10. Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Kayak Seat

A top pick as a budget friendly option, the Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus offers superior comfort at a great price.

One of the best kayak seats available, the Comfort Plus feels like a fold up camp chair once it’s connected.

Durable padded backrest and seat fit most sit-on-top kayaks. The 4-way straps adjust for the right fit with flexibility for adding leverage to your paddling.

Durable UV-resistant nylon material construction provides a long lasting; comfortable no-fade seating. Steel springs enhance the seat, and brass clips add to the durability for years of comfortable kayaking. A reflective logo enhances your security when floating in low-light situations.

The padded support for hours of paddling and the durable construction gives you years of enjoyment. Comfort Plus is a soft seat solution for kayaks with not so great factory seats or for kayaks without one.


  • Extremely durable, rip resistant nylon pack construction.
  • Reinforcement stays for durability.
  • UV-resistant for no fading.
  • Seat holds its shape.
  • The seat provides support for back and hips.
  • Back reinforcements give this seat more support than factory included seats.
  • 4-way mounting strap for adjusting to fit different body types.
  • 4-way strap design works on most sit-on-top kayaks.
  • Brass swivel buckle attachments.
  • A long-lasting feature of brass clips and steel springs.
  • Enhanced safety with a reflective logo for low-light conditions.


  • Thin seat padding compared with high-end kayak seat models.
  • Not comfortable during long trips for heavier people.
  • Requires seat readjustment after using a few hours.
  • No prominent lumbar back support

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11. Pactrade Marine Padded Deluxe SOT Kayak Seat

The lightweight Pactrade Marine Padded Deluxe SOT Kayak Seat has a generous 31.09-inch tall backrest and a 21.65-inch length.

With these size dimensions, the Padded Deluxe SOT makes a great seating option for big and tall paddlers.

Lightweight and easily portable, the Padded Deluxe has a comfort padding filling made from EVA foam + PE Plate. The durable Padded Deluxe has an outer shell of neoprene and 600D polyester for a long-lasting investment. With the 600D polyester and neoprene, you get better UV resistance, all-weather protection, and shock absorption.

The high-quality Pactrade Marine seat gets even better with the detachable backpack on the seat back. The detachable bag lets you store kayak accessories, extra gear, fishing equipment, or anything else you might need.

Four cooper hooks keep the seat secure even with the constant movement of rougher water conditions. Made with special contouring and covered with a non-slip surface, the Padded Deluxe keeps you in place.

The Pactrade Marine Padded Deluxe kayak seat runs a good race against others in its class. Good quality back support and durable UV-resistant material put this high back kayak seat on our best kayak seat list.


  • Great for big and tall paddlers with a 31.09-inch backrest and 31.65-inch length.
  • Durable and UV-resistant 600D polyester shell.
  • Lightweight and durable for years of use.
  • EVA foam + PE Plate inner layer for seating comfort.
  • Padded and contoured non-slip surface.
  • Seat stays secure with four cooper hooks.
  • Front and rear straps are adjustable.
  • The seat has a detachable backpack/bag for storing extra gear and accessories.
  • Fits most sit-on-top kayaks or canoes.


  • Backpack bag is hard to reach while paddling.
  • Issues with strap setup on different kayaks.
  • Backpack/bag is not waterproof.
  • Back needs better firmness.

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Our Final Review for the Best Kayak Seat

When looking for the best kayak seats sit on top, you can find a lot of options and styles. Our best kayak seat reviews can help you narrow your choices down until you find the most comfortable kayak seat possible.

KayakBest is among the largest and most dedicated kayak review sites. We aim to help enthusiasts discover the best tips and products for an enjoyable paddling experience.

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