The Best Trolling Motor Battery 2019 [Reviewed] – Top Models

To redefine your fishing experience, a trolling motor is the way to go. While out on the water, trolling motors allow you to drag your fishing line behind the boat, without casting or reeling. This could mean the difference between catching a big fish, or a very, very big fish!

Check out this guide to find the right motor for your vessel. Here, we’re discussing how to find the best trolling motor battery.

For example, you want one that’s lightweight, has good amp hours, is easy to charge and easy to use.

Let’s take a look at six top trolling motor batteries.

6 Top Trolling Motor Batteries


Product Name


Amp Hours



Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery 43.5 pounds 55 AH 12 Check Current Price
Universal UB121000-45978 12v 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12V 24V 48V(Black) 63.5 pounds 100 AH 12, 24, or 48 Check Current Price
VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery 69 pounds 100 AH 12 Check Current Price
12V 35AH Wilderness Tarpon 100 Kayak Electric Trolling Motor AGM SLA Battery 23 pounds 35 AH 12 Check Current Price
Mighty Max 12V 35AH Light Trolling Motor Battery Sevylor Minn Kota 23 pounds 35 AH 12 Check Current Price
Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery – DCM0035 replacement battery 23 pounds 35 AH 12 Check Current Price


The Best Trolling Motor Battery in 2019

1. Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery

The Optima 8016-103 D34M is a deep cycle marine battery. The first major benefit is that it’s able to start and deep cycle the motor. Therefore, it’s efficient for both boating motors and RVs.

This battery is quite possibly the best deep cycle marine trolling battery on the market today. It is 12 Volt and can manage 750 Amps at a cold crank. In laymen’s terms, this is how many amps you can expect upon starting the battery.​

best trolling motor battery optima







The Optima has 55 Amp-hours in it, so can last between 10 and 13 hours, assuming it has an output of 55 amps per hour and has 750 amps in the battery.

It weighs about 44 pounds, which is a weight most boaters feel confident carrying from their vehicle to the boat and back.

A SpiralCell design protects this battery, giving it a long lasting shelf life. The Spiral makes it much harder for the battery acid to completely drain out. This is used in place of the more traditional Absorbent Glass Mat, which contains the sulphuric acid.

One concern for many boaters is that the vibration of the boat will affect the batteries performance. However, this battery isn’t affected at all. As a result, you don’t need to worry about battery life depleting.

Additionally, mount this battery in any position, such as at the bottom of your boat.

The reserve capacity of 120 minutes means that if you run it down and the battery dies, it should immediately restart and give you 2 hours of solid run time.


  • Reserve Capacity
  • Not affected by vibration
  • SpiralCell, not AGM
  • Low weight
  • Deep Cycle Battery
  • Mountable in any position

Check Current Price

2. Universal UB121000-45978 12v 100AH Deep Cycle AGM Battery 12V 24V 48V(Black)

Another deep cycle battery for trolling motors is the Universal UB121000-45978. This battery is solely for cycling. Therefore, it doesn’t start the motor well on its own.

At nearly 65 pounds, it’s quite heavy, so take the ease of transporting it into consideration first.

best trolling motor battery universal power group









This battery comes with a 1-year warranty, which is a valuable and unique feature.

Like the battery by Optima, if you leave this one unused it will deplete, but only at the rate of 3% per month.

Additionally, this battery is an Absorbent Glass Mat battery. This means that the acid is contained by fiberglass, preventing any leaks or dangerous situations for you while you’re out on the water.

At 100 Amp Hours, this battery will not last you as long as the Optima, but it gives you more power. If you’re using it for a more powerful motor, this may be the best motor trolling battery for you.


  • Deep Cycle
  • 100 Amp Hours
  • Depletes at 3% per month
  • 1 year warranty
  • ​Designed for trolling motor
  • ​Absorbent Glass Mat
  • Not available to mount in any position

Check Current Price

3. VMAX MR127 12 Volt 100Ah AGM Deep Cycle Maintenance Free Battery

This VMax battery is another deep cycle battery that’s designed for using the trolling motor.

A 69-pound battery, this is, again, on the heavier side. Keep this in mind when you’re considering its pros and cons.​

best trolling motor battery VMAX








On the lowest speed, the VMAX will last up to 12 hours . Medium speed lasts approximately 7-8 hours. However, on the highest speed, it lasts 2 hours at most, because many more amps are being pulled. If you’re hoping to use this battery at high speeds, you may want to consider a different purchase.

The Vmax has a lot of safety features to it. It has an electrolyte suspension system which fully contains the electrolyte. This prevents any residual damage. Lead-tin alloys cover the battery, which add life to the battery.

Additionally, this is an Absorbent Glass Mat battery. The fiberglass in the battery contains the sulphuric acid to prevent it from leaking out in your kayak or boat.


  • Shock and vibration resistant
  • Can last 2-12 hours
  • ​100 Amp Hours
  • ​Electrolyte Suspension
  • ​Tin Alloys
  • ​Very heavy
  • ​Deep cycle
  • ​Absorbent Glass Mat

Check Current Price

4. 12V 35AH Wilderness Tarpon 100 Kayak Electric Trolling Motor AGM SLA Batt

The Wilderness Tarpon is an electric trolling motor battery and is designed specifically for kayakers. It’s easy to recharge and resistant to shocks and vibration.

best trolling motor batttery wilderness









Like the VMax, this battery has a 1-year warranty. This is a huge perk for fishermen who use them regularly.

Another huge perk for this battery is that it only weighs 23 pounds. 23 pounds is extremely easy for solo kayakers or boaters to carry themselves.

Along with the light weight, it can also be mounted in any position. By having this feature, you are guaranteed safety of your battery, your boat, and yourself.

Finally, this battery pulls 35 amps per hour. This is a very low number, meaning it may not power very strong motors. However, it can last anywhere between 3 and 6 hours, depending on the speed at which you troll.


  • Lasts 3-6 hours
  • 1-year warranty
  • Weighs 23 pounds
  • ​Shock Resistance
  • ​Vibration Resistant
  • Deep Cycling battery
  • ​Absorbent Glass Mat
  • ​Mountable in any position

Check Current Price

5. Mighty Max 12V 35AH Light Trolling Motor Battery Sevylor Minn Kota

This battery by Mighty Max is considered a light trolling motor, due to low amp-hours and the low weight.

It matches the Wilderness Tarpon step by step. At only 23 pounds, anyone can carry this battery to and from their boat.​

Like some of the other batteries on this list, this trolling motor battery comes with a 1-year warranty. An additional feature is a 30-day refund.

best trolling motor battery Sevylor Minn Kota








Additionally, it offers shock and vibration resistance. This means that the vibration of your boat will not deplete the battery in any way.

This battery also has multiple features which keep it from leaking or needing maintenance. As a result, it should last a long time and you don’t need to worry about battery acid leaking all over your supplies.

It also is 12 volt and has 35 AH. At highest trolling speeds, it can last for 2-3 hours. This means that, like the Tarpon, it lasts up to 6 hours at low speeds.


  • Shock resistance
  • Vibration Resistance
  • ​12 Volts
  • ​35 Amp-hours
  • ​Lasts 2-6 hours
  • ​23 pounds
  • ​30-day refund
  • ​1-year warranty
  • ​Mountable in any position

Check Current Price

6. Sealed Lead Acid (AGM) Deep Cycle Battery – DCM0035 replacement battery

This battery is specifically a deep cycling battery for trolling motors. So, you’ll need a different battery for cranking or starting the motor.

That being said, this little battery is another excellent option for your trolling motor battery, especially for kayakers. It comes in at 23 pounds, which is comparable to the last two batteries on this list.​

It also operates at 12 volts and 35 Amp-hours. This means, again, that it will last you between 2-6 hours on the water, depending on your trolling speed.

best trolling motor battery sealed lead acid









This Sealed Lead Acid battery is not listed as being shock resistant or vibration resistant, but it is cleared for use out on the water. Because of this, you want to pay attention to how your motor sounds to determine how much battery you have left.

This battery seals the acid with an Absorbent Glass Mat. This prevents any sulphuric acid from leaking out of the battery, which leads to ultimate safety in your boat or kayak.

However, because this battery is so lightweight, it’s easy to keep a second battery in your kayak or boat, just in case. This is another self-contained battery, which means there’s no maintenance and little chance of leaking.

This battery can be mounted in any capacity, no matter the angle, whether it is in the air or placed firmly on a solid surface.


  • Can be mounted anywhere or in any position
  • Lightweight
  • ​Self-contained
  • ​Cleared for water use
  • ​35 Amp-hours
  • ​12 Volt
  • ​Deep Cycling

Check Current Price

How to Buy a Trolling Motor Battery

Trolling motor battery

Now that we’ve discussed some of the top batteries on the market, let’s take a look at the things you need to take into consideration, before making your purchase.


All of the batteries on this list are 12 volt batteries. This will typically work well for a small trolling motor. However, check the requirements for your individual motor. If you have a larger trolling motor, you may want to purchase two 12 volt batteries or even a higher volt battery.

Deep Cycling vs. Cranking

Deep Cycling is a battery type which allows the battery to let out a constant, low stream of current. This is perfect for trolling motors.

Cranking batteries are able to deliver short bursts of large amounts of current. This allows for ease of starting the trolling motor.

There are also dual-purpose batteries, like the Optima Batteries 8016-103 D34M BlueTop Starting and Deep Cycle Marine Battery.

This being said, deep cycling batteries also have the ability to start trolling motors. However, doing so can drain the battery much more quickly.  Many boaters who hope to be out on the water for a significant amount of time will purchase two batteries for this purpose.


AGM stands for Absorbent Glass Mat. If a battery is listed with an Absorbent Glass Mat (see the names of the batteries above to see if they are), it means that the acid in the battery is literally contained by a glass mat.

This glass mat makes the battery “spill proof”. In other words, you won’t have battery acid pouring all over your boat and your gear. For kayakers, Absorbent Glass Mat batteries are simply a must-have. Combining battery acid with rotomolded plastic is never a good idea.

Mounting Battery

Consider how you hope to mount your battery. Some of the batteries on this list can be mounted in any way. However, some batteries can only be mounted on a solid surface. Be aware of your mounting capabilities.

That being said, you also want to see if the battery comes with any mounting materials. Most do not, so plan for an extra purchase. Often, if you’re planning on air mounting your battery, this is not a cheap endeavor. Keep in mind that it’s often important to elevate your battery in your boat, just in case water leaks into the cockpit.


Amp-Hours are literally the number of amps which are pulled in an hour’s time. The fewer amps pulled, the longer the battery lasts. The more amps pulled, the shorter amount of time the battery lasts.

That being said, you must consider how long you hope to troll. For kayaking, you may not need your trolling motor for the entire trip.

If you’re using the motor the entire time you are fishing, itis important to get a battery with lots of Amps and a low amp hour rating.


Many fishermen choose to be out on the water on their own. If this is the case, it’s very important to choose a battery that doesn’t weight more than you can easily carry.

The best battery for trolling motors, when considering weight, is the Wilderness Tarpon battery. Coming in at 23 pounds, this is a battery anyone can carry.

That being said, if you have a battery cart, it may not matter what your battery weighs. In this case, a battery with higher Amp Hours would be a better choice.


Consider the purpose you have for your battery. If you use it to deep cycle your marine trolling motor, you want to be absolutely sure it will last you a long time.

That being said, if you use it for trolling during the fishing season and for other purposes during the rest of the year, you may want to consider batteries with higher amp hours or higher voltages.

Our Final Review for the Best Trolling Motor Battery

These batteries are some of the best when it comes to trolling motors.

Once you’ve considered the features you need for your recreational hobbies, take your pick in the knowledge that they’re all top rated.

If you’re looking for a trolling motor mount, check out our guide.
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