Kayaking for Photographers

Kayaking for Photographers: Spectacular Scenic Spots

If you love your camera as much as your kayak, blending these hobbies is a match made in heaven. Kayaking for photographers allows you to find angles and natural wonders you wouldn’t find while exploring on foot. Whether you’re an amateur or a pro, the world serves up spectacular scenic spots to capture through your lens. 

Before you launch into kayaking for photographers, make sure you have the right gear. Unless you want to risk an ‘overboard’ moment, it’s crucial to have a strap for your camera or phone. Pop it around your neck or attach it to your lifejacket. When you’re not using it, store it safely in a waterproof bag, like the Freegrace Waterproof Pouches

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Where to Go Kayaking for Photographers

Bay of Islands, New Zealand

kayaking for photographers bay of islands bay of islands

Get your camera ready for shots of dolphins, rock formations and birdlife around New Zealand’s incredible Bay of Islands. You’ll find more than 144 islands to explore, with serene bays to ensure steady images. Launch from Rawhiti and check out beautiful Oke Bay Beach. The Waitangi River leads you towards Haruru Falls for exciting cascade shots, along with mysterious mangroves to discover. Stability is super important when it comes to kayaking for photographers. If you’re looking for a new yak, check out Old Town Vapor 10

Raja Ampat, Indonesia

kayaking for photographers raja ampat

With iridescent water, dramatic limestone islands and dazzling marine life visible from your yak, Raja Ampat is paradise for photographers. The Indonesian archipelago encompasses around 1500 islands and the lack of tourism ensures your shots are as pristine as the natural backdrop. Along with your underwater camera, don’t forget to bring your snorkel, mask and fins to jump on and off your yak into the magical water. 

Phang Nga Bay, Thailand

phang nga bay

Famous for incredible limestone karsts soaring out of emerald waters, Thailand’s Phang Nga Bay is a popular backdrop for movies. In fact, James Bond Island is named for the man himself, with its rocky pinnacle creating a striking picture from any angle. Take a boat trip to kayak through fascinating caves and stop by colourful fishing villages to capture local life on the water. Looking for a new touring kayak so you can stay out on the water all day? Check out Vibe Sea Ghost and Boreal Design Epsilon

Dubrovnik, Croatia


If medieval magnificence is at the top of your wish list for photography, pack up your Sevylor Quikpak and jet off to Dubrovnik. Glide across the sparkling Adriatic while you soak up the views of the Old Town and city walls. The bay is dotted with mysterious caves, secluded beaches and intriguing islands such as Lokrum, otherwise known as ‘The Island of Love’. Kayaking for photographers doesn’t get any better than at sunset here, so time your trip to take advantage of the amazing light. 

Halong Bay, Vietnam

kayaking for photographers halong bay

This World Heritage Site is a wonderland of lush limestone pillars, dramatic grottoes and extraordinary caves. Kayaking for photographers here leads to stunning shots of green water on the backdrop of unique rock formations teeming with birdlife. Explore the caves to get up-close pictures of stalactites and visit charming fishing villages for photos with locals. 

Soca River, Slovenia

kayaking for photographers halong bay

Thinking of taking a kayaking trip to Europe? Pick a kayak that’s easy to travel with, like the Sea Eagle 330, and jet off to Slovenia. The Soca River is one of the best spots on the continent, where serene flatwater combines with rapids for every level of fun. While you’re out on the dazzling green water, you’ll discover cascading waterfalls, rocky gorges and mountainous landscapes for that perfect shot. 

Kayaking for Photographers: Quick Tips

Make sure you pack some microfiber cloths to wipe away any water drops on your lens. In terms of the best light for outdoor photography, head out early for dawn shots or wait for the golden light of sunset. Don’t forget to paddle your kayak up-close to landscapes for unique angles.

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