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Wildlife Kayaking: Best Places to Paddle with Animals

Is there anything more exciting than spotting animals while you’re paddling? Wildlife kayaking across the globe allows you to get up close to amazing creatures, from giant elephants to humpback whales and exotic lizards. Get set to make your wildlife viewing dreams come true, at one of these incredible kayaking destinations. Wildlife Kayaking: Where to […]

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A Guide to European Kayaking: Lakes and Rivers

From serene lakes to castle-lined rivers and raging rapids, European kayaking offers something for every intrepid paddler. While kayaking you’ll discover bucket list sights, explore natural wonders and soak up cultural diversity. Here’s a rundown of some of the most spectacular rivers and lakes to launch your yak in Europe. European Kayaking Destinations River and […]

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Bucket List Kayaking Destinations Across the Globe

What makes the world’s top kayaking destinations so incredible? Soaring mountains, unique wildlife, thrilling rapids and glacial lakes – and that’s just for starters. Pop these spots on your kayaking bucket list and get ready for the paddling adventure of a lifetime. Kayaking Destinations Across the Globe Milford Sound, New Zealand New Zealand’s Milford Sound […]

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Top 10 Southeast Asia Kayaking Destinations

Imagine paddling between soaring, limestone cliffs to discover secret coves and mysterious caves? Or, how about floating across aqua water that’s so clear you can spot incredible marine life without ever getting wet? Southeast Asia kayaking destinations offer all this and more, with year-round warm weather to top off the experience. Get ready to pack […]

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