10 Best Sea Kayaks in 2019 – Top Rated Models Reviewed!

If you are thinking about going out for an expedition out on the wide open sea, you need to be sure that you have the right equipment to make sure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

The best sea kayak will be durable, aerodynamic, have ample storage space, and weigh just right. Most importantly, a sea kayak should track well in the water.

So today, we are going to be looking at and comparing the top sea kayaks on the market currently. We hope that by the time you make it to the end of this list you will be better prepared to make a wise decision in your next sea kayak purchase.

Top 10 Sea Kayaks on the Market

Image Product Name Kayak Weight Weight Capacity Price

Necky Manitou 13

46 lbs 325 lbs Check Current Price

Eddyline Equinox

50 lbs 400 lbs Check Current Price

Dagger Zydeco 9.0

36.5 lbs 220 lbs Check Current Price

Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125

55 lbs 342 lbs Check Current Price

Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 LV

58 lbs 300 lbs Check Current Price
Sea Eagle RazorLite 393rl 28 lbs 500 lbs Check Current Price
Necky Eliza 49 lbs 275 lbs Check Current Price
Dagger Axis 10.5 50 lbs 300 lbs Check Current Price
Necky Manitou Sport Kayak 55 lbs 309 lbs Check Current Price
Ocean Kayak Zest 2 75 lbs 500-600 lbs Check Current Price

Best Sea Kayaks in 2019

1. Necky Manitou 13

Do you need the speed of a touring kayak but want the stability of a recreational boat? Then you are in for a treat, because the Necky Manitou 13 is exactly that, and so much more!

Perfect for the beginner or intermediate kayaker, the Manitou 13 is light weight, and has a spacious, padded cockpit. The stern Quick Seal hatch provides ample dry storage that is actually impressive for this kayaks overall size.

The reflective safety perimeter line is a nice touch on a sea kayak that is designed to be entry-level user friendly. Oh, and the Active Comfort System seat construction is out of this world and will keep you nice and comfy on the water for hours.


  • Excellent rocker
  • Precise tracking


  • Tight fit for most medium size paddlers

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2. Eddyline Equinox

The Equinox from Eddyline is one of the more comfortable sea kayaks on our list. But it doesn’t sacrifice any of the stability you expect from Eddyline, just to give it to you.

Aboard this sea kayak, you will find an efficient V hull and hard chines. With this kayak you will be gliding across the wide-open sea as if it were made of ice. The cockpit comes with comfortable thigh braces to give you the ultimate in control and gentle turns.

In addition to the thigh braces, you will find hip pads, thigh pads, and even a three-way adjustable backrest.

Comfort, spot on tracking and super easy glide are the hallmarks of the Equinox sea kayak.


  • Spacious
  • Light weight


  • Not well suited for beginners

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3. Dagger Zydeco 9.0

If you are on a tight budget but still need to be in a kayak that maneuvers with ease and has faster acceleration rates than some of its more expensive competitors, then you the Zydeco 9.0 from Dagger.

The cockpit is fairly roomy for something that at its base design is actually really small. The shorter length of this kayak makes it ideal for making sharp and twisty turns. The SlideLock XL foot braces are only second in comfort to the ConTour knee and thigh pads and CFS-R seating.

There is ample bungee deck rigging for your supplies and the paddle park is a nice touch on something so compact.


  • Large cockpit
  • Ample bungee rigging


  • Extremely compact

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4. Wilderness Systems Tsunami 125

If you need something that can keep up with your very active day out on the water, you will want to pick up the Tsunami 125 from Wilderness Systems.

This sea kayak can take anything you throw at it, not to mention that it is the absolute best in terms of slicing, twisting, and turning with the greatest of ease.

The seating system features the Phase 3 AirPro Tour seat to keep you comfortable, and once you add the adjustable thigh pads and foot brace system, you’ll be enjoying the day with exhaustion being nothing more than an afterthought.

The cockpit is rather spacious and comes with three storage hatches so you can bring any extra gear you may need, along with you.


  • Versatile enough for basically anyone
  • Lots of storage space


  • Footrests are not very comfortable

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5. Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 LV

The Edge 14.5 LV from Riot Kayaks features a slender bow and slim deck build that is perfect for day touring trips.

This kayak has an extremely low profile while also being quite lengthy.

Advanced comfortable seating make riding in this kayak, a joy. Oh and speaking of the ride, this kayak is very smooth and just glides across the water and the rudder system keeps your tracking across the water with precision. The storage areas, while limited more than most, are really well implemented.

Overall, this isn’t a bad kayak for the price and is probably best suited towards beginners.


  • Low profile
  • Seating is well-made


  • Foot clearance is limited
  • Very heavy

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6. Sea Eagle RazorLite 393rl

When most people think about sea kayaks, the word inflatable probably does not come to mind very often. But, the RazorLite 393rl from Sea Eagle Boats changes all that.

The RazorLite inflatable kayak is the first ever to be all drop stitched over a tapered, hard-nose bow and stern. What does this mean for you? Well, because of the way this kayak has been designed it is able to cut through wavers a lot cleaner and sharper than most other kayaks on the market at the moment. As a matter of fact, because of its build, you can get up 6 mph paddling speeds.

In terms of onboard features, there are 2 open and close drain valves, a large, removable, swept back rear skeg as well as front and rear spray skirts with carry handles.

To really make this thing move, we recommend picking up a wind paddle, which coincidently rigs up fairly easily to the RazorLite 393rl.


  • Quick acceleration rate


  • Difficult to repack into the backpack provided

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7. Necky Eliza

Probably one of the more stylish, and definitely the most stand-out kayak on our list, is the Necky Eliza. This kayak is available in your choice of three colors; Fuchsia, Storm, or Sunrise.

The Eliza series of kayaks from Necky are designed for smaller paddlers (up to 150 lbs), as well as geared more toward women. As a matter of fact, the very design of this kayak is ergonomically shaped around a woman’s hip and leg physiology, as well as overall body proportion.

This design allows the kayak to be paddled with greater ease, less resistance and less effort. This ultimately means that less energy is wasted, making this kayak a really great endurance saver.​

Add to this great design, a tracking rudder, a few basic storage compartments and a fairly comfy seat and you have a great kayak for a smaller paddler to hop in and enjoy for a quick day trip.


  • Great for beginners
  • Stylish
  • Requires very little effort


  • No instructions for rudder assembly

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8. Dagger Axis 10.5

Simply put, the Axis 10.5 from Dagger is a multi-water beast. It shows amazing versatility when getting out on lakes, reservoirs, intercostal waterways and even smaller ponds.

Tracking with this kayaks height-adjustable drop skeg is amazing and will keep you on point in some of the roughest waters.

The perfectly defined chines take your maneuverability from a 0 to a 10, real quick. Spray skirts for the Axis can be fitted with thigh braces if you need them for rougher, choppier waters that will have you bumping around.​

This kayak is actually not a new edition this yet but is an “oldie but a goodie”. It has worn a couple of awards and is generally spoken of in good favor. Best for the eclectic paddler who may want to go from a nice relaxing ride to more challenging tasks like taking on running rivers.


  • Versatile
  • Precise drop skeg


  • Cockpit feels a bit narrow

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9. Necky Manitou Sport Kayak

The Necky Manitou Sport Kayak is a sea kayak designed to be compact and extremely light weight.

Seriously, this kayak only weighs 30 pounds, making it as simple as can be to tote around wherever you need it.

A sea kayak that is forgiving for beginners is priceless and the Manitou Sport is very forgiving. If you are just starting out, you need to get yourself the Manitou Sport from Necky today.

The molded in skeg on this hull makes maneuverability so precise and stable that you can drift out into rough, windier conditions with little to no issue. Tracking with this kayak is efficient and stays straight over long distances and with extra weight aboard.

Speaking of extra weight, the Necky Manitou Sport features rather large 60 liters of stern storage for any extra gear or fishing hauls you need to carry.


  • Great for larger paddlers
  • Spacious


  • Feels slightly imbalanced

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10. Ocean Kayak Zest 2

Like they say, leave the best for last. Well, that is what we’ve done here.

The Ocean Kayak Zest 2 is what is known as a tandem kayak, but what’s more than that is it is also a sit-on-top sea and touring kayak. This means you can take it out in the wide open sea and you can bring along a friend for the ride if you’d like. In this cockpit, you can fit two adults, and even a small child or a pet.​

There are various sized, molded in foot braces with plenty of space around them for your stability, and the Comfort Plus seats help to soften bumpy rides just a bit.

In terms of storage, you will find the Zest 2 is well prepared with a huge tank well with bungees to secure your items. In addition to this main storage space, there is also some bow deck space with bungee.

Side carry handles makes transporting this kayak a little bit easier, molded in cup holders to hold your drinks, a skid plate, two paddle keepers… I mean, what more could you want?

If you want to take your kid, significant other, or a friend out on the water with you, this is the kayak we recommend to get the job done.


  • More than one person
  • Tons of cockpit capacity


  • Very heavy and cumbersome to carry

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Choosing The Right Sea Kayak

Right Sea Kayak

There are many different brands of kayaks out there on the market right now to choose from but not all of them are created equally. And that’s where this review comes in, to try and help you find the right kayak for your next outdoor excursion.

When it comes to choosing the right kayak though, it comes down to more than just brand and style it really comes down to the following 5 things.


Mother nature can be vicious, and the open riverways, seas and oceans are some of the most vicious. When waters get rough or nasty weather begins to pick up, you don’t want to be caught ill prepared.

Most kayaks nowadays are made of a polyethylene material but you can also find inflatable kayaks that work just as well. Usually people have their preference when it comes to materials, just make sure that whatever kayak you decide to go with doesn’t

feel brittle or flimsy to the touch. When purchasing a kayak you really do get the materials that you pay for so be very mindful of this, because you don’t want to start taking on water in the middle of a lake because you wanted to save a few bucks.


You don’t want to choose a kayak that’s too heavy nor too light; it needs to be just right. There are few reasons for this, the first being that if you’re a smaller kayaker, then you obviously will want something that you can transport easily, without much strain or hassle.

Second, you don’t want it to be too light. If your kayak is too locked it is certainly going to affect the ride that you have in imperfect weather conditions. And just because the kayak is stapled does not mean that it cannot flip.


While the space in your kayak or rather the room that you have in the kayak isn’t of too terribly great importance, it is if you have a lot of gear to lug around, however.

If you need the extra space try to find one to accommodate this but if you don’t have a ton of gear to take with you, then you probably just don’t need it and can settle for something like D rings or another customizable rail system.


Probably one of the most important out of the things that you should look for in your next kayak is it shape. Now a lot of people either overlooked this or just don’t care but the shape of your kayak actually matters a lot, it needs to be aerodynamic and able to easily cut through the water.

The shape overall also determines what kind of rides you are going to get out of it. So if the bottom has a lot of imperfections or has any small warped areas, this can greatly affect the ride that you’re going to have.

Our Final Review for the Best Sea Kayak

Choosing a good sea kayak doesn’t have to be a tough decision, but it will take some careful consideration. For experienced paddlers who want to go on long range trips, we recommend something like the Necky Manitou 13 or the Eddyline Equinox.

For beginners however, we recommend starting out with something like the Dagger Zydeco or the Riot Kayaks Edge 14.5 LV.

In this list, we also included two recommendations that are more of a niche area. These are of course the tandem and the inflatable style kayaks. In case you are just getting into the wide world of kayaking, these are not new additions, but they have recently been picking up in popularity.

Both of these types of kayaks deserve to be highlighted more often as there are some really nice ones on the market, and the two that we’ve included in this list are actually able to go on longer expeditions as well.

As always, we hope that you have enjoyed our comparison of the top 10 sea kayaks on the market. If you have any questions, comments or recommendations to be added to our next list, please let us know in the comments!


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