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Any fish cleaning method requires a sharp knife, we recommend fillet knives. These knives have thin, sharp, flexible blades for fast and easy cleaning. One good option to a fillet knife is an electric fillet knife.

The electric fillet knife is a great tool. It glides along easily, humming and chop-slicing its way to whatever you are pointing it on. It works great for fillets that are a little hard yet coming out of the freezer. They clean up easily and store handily.

There are many specifically designed options on today’s market, but choosing the best electric fillet knife may be a bit challenging for those who know little about these knives. In this article, we will go through important buying info and top 5 best products.

Top 5 Electric Fillet Knife on the Market


Product Name

Corded or Cordless

Blade Length (inches)


Gent’s Best Electric Fillet Knife



Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet Knife



American Angler’s PRO Series Electric Fillet Knife



Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife


6 and 7.5

Mister Twister Piranha Electric Fillet Knife



1. Gent’s Best Electric Fillet KnifeBest Overall

The Gent’s Best Electric Fillet Knife helps you put an end to the hassle of filleting and cleaning fish. With this unit you get fifty percent more cutting torque and thirty percent more power compared to its closest competitors.

It is equipped with a seven inch, razor sharp stainless steel blade that does an amazing job of cutting thinner as well as nearer to the bone. Its 110 volt motor delivers unbelievable power that allows you to cut and clean for longer.

Comes with a comfortable, lightweight handle that offers a stronger grip for better control with minimal dampening when used in wet conditions. It is also fitted with a convenient and quick blade release for faster blade removal.


  • Highly flexible electric fillet knife
  • Motor offers 50% more torque and 30% more power than its competitors
  • Comfortable, lightweight handle offers a stronger grip and superior control
  • Seven inch, razor sharp stainless steel blade cuts closer and thinner
  • Slices through bone and meat easily
  • Convenient and quick blade release for easy blade removal
  • Motor housing comes with a safety lock


  • Blade may be a bit short for filleting bigger fish

2. Rapala Heavy-Duty Electric Fillet KnifeBest with Heavy Duty Motor

The Rapala provides you with remarkable power. With this model, you get unbelievable control that allows you to work even on the biggest fish.

With superior power and faster blade speed, you can effortlessly cut through backbones and rib bones. You can also make fast work of trout, salmon, and walleye among other large fish in your collection.

It comes with a 7-1/2 inch dishwasher safe blade that has a reciprocating style. This is the right size for most of your filleting needs.

The custom style air flow construction decreases any vibration that may interfere with your operation. This construction also ensures that the motor runs cool as well as smoothly.


  • Advanced air flow design reduces vibrations and works smoothly
  • Relaxed, comfortable grips offers fatigue free operation
  • Reciprocating style and dishwasher safe blade is easy to use and wash
  • Made of high quality materials for durability
  • Offers three times the power and twice the speed
  • Comes with heavy-duty motor that does not get hot even after extended use


  • The blade release may break after a while
  • Quite heavy and big

3. American Angler’s PRO Series Electric Fillet KnifeBest Air Flow Design

American Angler are well-known for producing the best products that offer nothing less of high quality performance. This is exactly what you get with the PRO Series Electric Fillet Knife.

The PRO Series comes with a powerful motor that boasts two times more torque when compared to any other electric fillet knife. Therefore, big fish bones will hardly slow your filleting process.

This model comes with an advanced air flow construction that is highly ergonomic. The air flow design gets rid of any dampening and makes sure that the motor does not over heat during heavy use.

It uses hollow ground, flexible, 8 inch blades that offer reciprocating two-blade action for superior maneuverability and greater precision. Also, universal compatibility allows you to use the blades on any other American Angler EFK.


  • Powerful motor boasts two times more torque for cutting bigger bones
  • Advanced air flow construction allows it to run longer and smoothly
  • Flexible 8 inch blades offer reciprocating two-blade action for greater precision
  • 110 volt power deliver smooth as well as consistent filleting
  • Eight foot polarized power cord is long enough for easy plugging


  • The power switch may stick or jam

4. Rapala Lithium Ion Cordless Electric Fillet KnifeBest Cordless Fillet Knife

The Rapala lithium Ion Cordless Electric Fillet Knife is reliable for three simple reasons: it is extremely sharp, it does a great job of holding the edge, and it is consistent.

This knife produces eighty nonstop minutes of runtime for each battery charge without losing power. You are provided with two lithium batteries and a wall charger.

You are also provided with dishwasher safe six and seven and half inch reciprocating blades. The blades are incredibly sharp and they cut thinner and closer to the fish bone.

It is fitted with a powerful motor that delivers sufficient power for running the filleting and cleaning process for an extended duration.

The advanced air flow construction features superior venting that allows the motor to run cool as well as smooth.


  • Comes with a 6 inch and 7.5 inch blades for preference and convenience
  • Runs continuously for 80 minutes on a single charge
  • Handle offers a relaxed and comfortable grip for extended use
  • Reciprocating style knife blade cuts thinner and closer to fish bone
  • Powerful motor offers consistent speed as well as torque


  • Release button may get stuck

5. Mister Twister Piranha Electric Fillet KnifeBest Saltwater Fillet Knife

If you have been searching for a top quality saltwater electric fillet knife, look no further than the Mister Twister Piranha. It is a classic and rugged choice for the money.

It is fitted with a razor sharp nine inch stainless steel blade, which has numerous serration. This makes it very effective at cutting through any fish.

This model also comes with a powerful motor that provides superior torque and faster speed. The motor will not get too hot after nonstop use.

It is fitted with a lightweight and ergonomic handle that offers a strong grip. This allows you better control when filleting and cleaning bigger fish.


  • A great choice for saltwater fish
  • Razor sharp nine inch blade for filleting bigger fish
  • Lightweight and ergonomic handle offers superior control
  • Heavy-duty motor offers strong torque and faster speed
  • Long electric cord for versatility
  • Stainless steel blade retains edge and it is durable


  • Does not come with a fillet blade, you have to buy one separately

Things You Should Know Before Buying an Electric Fillet Knife

A lot of people think they can clean fish with just any type of knife. Basically, you can, but it is so much simpler if you are using the proper equipment. An electric fillet knife is the ultimate fish cleaning tool. However, you can buy the best model if you take the following factors into consideration.

Blade Size

This is one of the most important considerations. You should buy an electric fillet knife with respect to the size of fish you will be catching. If you are dealing with mostly smaller perch, trout, and smaller freshwater species, you should consider a six or seven inch blade.

If you are dealing with larger saltwater or freshwater species, then settle for a blade size of eight to nine inches. If you will be catching or dealing with both smaller and larger fish, you should consider buying two separate knives of different length.

The most popular size that is admired by most fishers is an eight inch blade. This blade size is suitable for multiple species as well as sizes of both freshwater and saltwater fish.

Plain vs. Serrated Blades

A key advantage of a plain edge blade is its ease of sharpening. Any sharp knife is better than any dull knife, no matter whether it is plain or serrated. A plain edge can be kept sharp with just a few minutes of work, and it requires no special equipment. You can sharpen a plain edge with almost any rock you pick up.

Most electric fillet knife manufacturers tend to favor serrated blades, because they cut through fish more easily. In general, serrated edges seem to work better as far as filleting is concerned. However, a serrated blade would require a special sharpening tool.

Blade Material

When it comes to blade materials, the most ideal choice is high quality stainless steel that will not corrode, warp, or tarnish even in wet fish filleting situations. Here is a list of all the fillet knife blade materials you can choose from.

  • Stainless Steel Blades

As we earlier mentioned, stainless steel is the most preferred electric knife blade material because of its durability and high corrosion resistance. There are several compositions and grades of stainless steel material that vary depending on the properties used.

While stainless steel fillet knife blades are favored by most fishers because of their ability to resist corrosion, they are normally not as sharp as knives made of ceramic and carbon.

  • Carbon Steel Blade

Electric fillet knife blades made of carbon steel are known to be very sharp and easier to sharpen compared to the ones made of stainless steel. However, these blades do not contain chromium. This means that they have poor rust as well as corrosion resistance.

Carbon steel blades tend to need careful maintenance, since they can easily get discolored. If you are working on a tight budget, then a carbon steel blade will be a good choice, but it will not be as durable as stainless steel.

The other less popular blade materials that you can consider are titanium and ceramic. Titanium blades are normally soft and they do not have great sharpness. Ceramic blades are vulnerable to cracking; so, they hardly exist on the market.


You should always settle for an ergonomic handle. One that will fit your hand comfortably and allows you full control of the blade as you are filleting. Watery conditions require you to have a handle that can offers the firmest grip. A firm and comfortable grip will ease strain as well as fatigue during extended fish cleaning.

Cord or Cordless

Electric fillet knives can be corded or cordless. A corded unit is fitted with an extension cord for plugging into power; while a cordless unit is fitted with a battery that may require charging. Their functions are similar. The major difference is where you can use them.

If you like doing most of your fish cleaning outdoors or immediately after fishing just at the shore of a river or a lake, then the cordless unit is your best bet. The powerful lithium battery provides enough charge for filleting and cleaning outdoors.

However, if you like doing your fish cleaning indoors, the corded electric fillet knife can do the job. You just have to make sure that the model you are buying has an extension cord that is long enough to reach your power extension or socket outlet.

With that said, the cordless electric fillet knife seems to be more versatile, since it can be used outdoors and indoors. However, the final choice depends entirely on you.

Final Review

With so many choices and price points, the best electric fillet knife is worth every dollar, especially by brands that offer customer-friendly warranties. You should definitely go for an option that fits the budget, just make sure it will get the job done.

What we have provided you with are the best the market has to offer whether corded or cordless. We used the most resourceful buying tips to select our top five electric fillet knives. So, be rest assured that the buying info we have provided will be helpful. Good luck!

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