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How to Paddle a Kayak – Proper Techniques

Perhaps the biggest draw to kayaking is the peace and beauty of exploring waterways. Whether floating calm lakes or riding the surf or rapids, a good adventure comes from knowing how to paddle. Proper watercraft control comes from the knowledge of a few paddling strokes like the ones we show you here. When you know […]

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8 Best Apps For Kayaking

We may flee to nature to escape civilization, but our mobile phones are one aspect of it we can never leave behind. This is not (always) something to bemoan. Without further ado, read on to find out what the ten best apps for kayaking are! 1. FirstMate You can go kayaking for a variety of […]

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How To Store A Kayak: Quick Tips & Solutions

Welcome to the wonderful world of paddling! Whether you’re a proud new kayak owner or you’re still considering the options, it’s important to know how to store a kayak, to keep it in great condition. This guide gives you options for storage, along with handy tips. But first, here are the main points to consider: […]

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